Email is D̶e̶a̶d̶  
The Design Museum of London
Illustrations for the exhibit Email is D̶e̶a̶d̶  from the Design Museum of London.

This free, interactive exhibition will explore how email’s impact goes far beyond simply being a communication tool and considers how it helps shape our work lives, relationships, cultures and economies.
Email is D̶e̶a̶d̶ will be an experience designed to prompt wider conversations about the future of communication. It will lead visitors through an engaging journey of the history of email from its embryonic beginnings in the 1970s to what the email experience might look like in 2070.
Every year, people debate the death of email and question its relevance as new forms of communication are developed. And yet, more than 50 years after its inception, email is used by over four billion people and remains the primary communication tool for the world’s businesses. In fact, 87% of marketing leaders say email is critical to their success.
As its design and function have evolved, email has outlived cultural movements, technological hardware, and countless trends proving not only its cultural relevance but also its functionality that continues to stand the test of time.

Part of the exhibit consisted of fantastic gadgets to replace email in the future. The idea was to illustrate these non-existent devices and their operation.
Client: Something Special Studios x London Design Museum xMailchimp
Art Direction: Something Special Studios
Illustration: Davi Augusto Studio x Colagene Paris

Exhibition entrance:
Fantastic future Email Inventions section:
Email-tional Support Animal:  A virtual pet companion that provides emotional support while writing emails.
Hope This Finds You Well Kit: A package that's automatically dropped on the doorstep of anyone you email. Includes thermometer, vitamins, granola bars, bandaids, etc.
Phone Jumper Cables: An extra boost of battery from a friend when your phone is dead but you have a very important email to send.
Blue Light Converter: A machine that converts blue light into red light, allowing the glow of your device to give you a dose of red light therapy after a certain amount of usage.
Negative News Catcher: A dreamcatcher-like device that wards off day-ruining emails.
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