Selection of editorial works - 8

Financial Times -Weekend Magazine (UK)
Illustrations for Financial Times Weekend Magazine. 
Supplement  about the future of the automotive industry' with a focus on sustainable motoring and the future of the cities.
Magazine: FT Weekend Magazine
Direction: Eve Izaak , Brian Saffer
Ilustrationo: Davi Augusto Studio

Capital Magazine (Germany)
Ilustrations for Capital Magazine. About the Wirecard scandal and the white-collar criminal Jan Marselek
Magazine: Capital Magazine
Direction and Design: Maximilian Virgili 
Ilustration: Davi Augusto Studio

Champions Journal (UK)
Ilustrations for Champions Journal. About the creation of Champions League.
Magazine: Champions Journal
Direction and Design: Fernando Pires
Ilustration: Davi Augusto Studio

Wired (UK)
Ilustrations for Wired Magazine. About public sector organisations that can pair "effervescent' data with digital twin technology to make accurate predictions.
Magazine: WIRED
Direction : Wired / Collagene Paris 
Ilustration: Davi Augusto Studio

L'Express (France)
Cover for L'Express Enterprises . About the news menas of transportation.
Magazine: L'Express
Direction and Design : Collagene Paris 
Ilustration: Davi Augusto Studio
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